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Power Drive for a Power Drive?

Has anyone here used Power Drive before golfing? (PGA200X?) I was wondering if it could increase focus and control? It seems like it would do a great job in this area which would play a huge role in developing a solid swing (and keeping it). The best rounds of my life have been “In the Zone” so to speak when my body did exactly what my mind wanted it to. I am sure it will help but has anyone tried it? First hand testamonials?


Vegita ~ Prince of all Sayajins

I haven’t used it before golfing, but I’ve used it before all kinds of athletic events, especially when I wanted to wax somebody’s tail.

You can make fun of me for this, but I even used it before playing table hockey—you know, the old game where the hockey players are moved by sliding sticks and you shoot the plastic puck into the net?

We had money riding on it and I wanted an edge (plus, the guy was a loud mouth–you know how much trash talk table hockey players can give).

I took some Power Drive beforehand and I killed. Of course, if they ever want a testimionial for any ads, I’ll probably recount a more dramatic usage.

I started using Power Drive last year before my baseball games and I felt it helped me with my focus at the plate and in the field. I felt I was extremely patient at the plate and it resulted in a tons of walks and good average.

I plan on stepping up to the California State Amateur Qualifier with Power Drive coursing through my veins. I don’t think I’ve played a competetive round in the last year or so without it.

Thanks for the input, I think i’m gonna have to get me some of that. I just blew our Member Member tourey by hitting my second shot into the water on the last hole. The wheels fell off and we ended up taking an 8 on the par 4. We also missed the money by 3 strokes. So see if I had invested the $21 for Power Drive, I could have wone $200 or more, thus making a 100% return on investment. :wink:

Thanks Again!

Vegita ~ Prince of all Sayajins

Vegita its a tremendous drink to have before the round. You may not see the benefits immediately but they will come. The first few weeks I used it I didnt notice much but then it kicked in. I have read a few other people saying the same thing.

Here are some tips. Take it 30 minutes before tee off. Then take another serving at the turn. Yeah two servings. You can pre-make a green tea/PD shake and have that at the turn. This will keep you energized and focused for the last 9 holes, which is where most people start to lose focus.

1/2 way between the nines, 4-5 holeish and 14-15 holeish, have solids. Your own trailmix, nuts, bars (ones that wont give you a sugar rush), GROW Pancakes w Oatmeal (I love these, great energy source, just make sure you have WATER! with them)