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Power Drive - First Experience

Okay, this stuff is defintely not a placebo effect! I finally bought some because I wanted to try something new. I feel the research is solid on it’s ingredients so I gave it a shot.

I took some the other day for the first time an hour before my workout. I actually forgot that I took it and never even thought about it until like 30 minutes AFTER my workout. This makes me sure that my experience is not placebo.

On the way home, I kept thinking… man I was running on high octane today. My focus was intense and I felt determined and ferocious. It’s the difference between looking at something through a magnifying glass and looking at it with an electron microscope!

Anyways, for the price, it is definitely one of the best supplements out there. I believe there’s a big future for neuro-enhancing supplements as we are now seeing. Trying Power Drive makes me want to try Spike. We’ll see.

I like my sons to take Power Drive before every practice, game, or workout. It definitly focuses them.

I just bought some, but I haven’t tried it yet. I am looking forward to it.

Good deal.

Power Drive is one of my favorite supplements. I’ve been using it now for awhile, and have had the same mental focus/drive since day one. Plus it tastes cool.

Very happy with it, and you’re right, for the 17 bucks, it can’t be beat!

For me the performance enhancement effects are nearly as good or equal to creatine.

I might be the only one to ever try this, but I’ve taken it before going to sleep a few times with my ZMA, and I always wake up having had some of the best sleep of my life.

Dude, if you like Power Drive, for the focusing effect, you will LOVE Spike, that stuff is MUCH better at focusing than Power Drive is.

In all honesty, though, Power Drive does help with the CNS recovery a TON (which is why I experimented trying to ‘sleep on it’).

That’s a thought! I may try it.

I second the Spike. It makes you focus, want to or not.

I just had an AWESOME workout and I think it was in part due to Power Drive. I’ve tried it a few times, but because I’ve been doing a pretty intense and focused program right now with so many new variables, I couldn’t be sure how it was affecting me. Today I followed a solid routine and just felt really, really good about all my lifts. I even found myself tapping my foot in anticipation between sets for 5x5 squats. AND, I just made a new PR for neutral-grip chins - 6!

I’m definitely going to start using Power Drive regularly.

First time I took it with some caffeine I couldn’t believe how alert I was AND how talkative and quick-witted it made me. (Please let it be true that I was as clever as I thought I was!)
It’s essential for my morning workouts.

I have a question. After I shake the mixture up (water+Power Drive), should there be a lot of grains/ particles at the bottom of the shaker cup? And, should I drink that mixture up or should I try and dilute it/ dissolve it before I drink it?

I put another couple ounces of water in, shake that up, and slug it down.