Power Drive dosing

For those with experience using Power Drive, esp. those in college, what would be the best dosing option for my situation? I’m a college student, and I lift three times a week – Mon, Wed, Fri. I also want a bit of a mental boost for classes in the mornings, or studying at night. I plan on taking a dose 45 minutes before each workout. Should I take a dose in the morning every day, or just on non-workout days? At night? What’s an economical way to do this? Remember I’m a poor college student. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

the label pretty much says what you should do. don’t take more then twice in 24 hour period and take 45 minutes b4 you need the affect. I found taking some caffine to help a lot also. if money is an issue take it only when you really need it. keep up the hard work. laters pk

first thing you do when you get up is drink your power drive. After that do whatever you do to get yourself ready for the day–shower, shave, shit, etc. After that, or when 45 minutes have passed, have your first meal. When you’re in class, everything that you’ll be learning will be so easy, you might even develop a superiority complex.

Dude, I’m in college, and I love Powerdrive! Since I can’t spend a ton of money on supps., I usually take Powerdrive on the mornings before classes. I have classes every day, Mon.-Fri., so a bottle of Powerdrive lasts me like a month and a half. Before workouts, I drink coffee, it’s the cheapest way to give you a jolt, and I save my Powerdrive for the mornings before classes. Take it when you first wake up on school days, wait about 1/2 hour to 45 min, then eat something. Study hard bro!

Thanks a lot for the input, guys!