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Power Drive, Before or After?


As a sprinter I have been using Power Drive before weight and sprint sessions for the mind to muscle connections and love it. Trouble is sometimes I leave it and take it post workout for CNS recovery.

I lift high intensity and low volume followed by my sprint workout.
Now since we are only supposed to dose it once a day, I can't decide if it is more useful before or after workouts. I do remember reading Charlie Francis loved this stuff.
Any thoughts?


two servings shouldn't be an issue. hell, i think there are 3 servings per day for people doing the "pulse fast".


I use upto 5 servings a day for periods of about 3 weeks at a time. usually 2 pre training 1 post. sometimes 2 post - they use upto 5 in the pulse fast. Its an individual thing too. I get nothing from 1 serving need atleast 2-3 to have any effect.


Don't worry about it. I take it multiple time a day too. In the morning to get started, before training, after training. Sometimes the Power Drive is just for "motivation", as I train in the evenings after a stressful day of work.

However, you might want to try taking a-GPC before and Power Drive after. I started doing that last year and it has been working wonders for my high intensity training sessions. I skip the a-GPC if I'm doing a volume day though.


Before. For recovery, I find that it works just as well as taking it after, but since it also helps you perform better during the workout you should take it before.

That holds true for me, don't know about you.


am I missing something here? I've taken Power Drive before and never felt like it did what it advertised to do. didn't matter whether it was pre, peri, post, pre-pre...


I really notice a difference when lifting in the 90-95% VM when I take it pre. I don't discount the placebo effect but even then, it's getting the job done so I don't fuss about it.
I just notice stronger lifts or maybe an extra rep I didn't think was there. Same with high intensity sprints. I keep faster split times for more reps, or more reps closer to the fastest rep.

I'm interested in trying in before bed as a CNS recovery after intense days. If I take it post I usually take it immediately after the workout, but before bed may be an interesting experiment.
Thanks for the replies, keep em comin'!


How much of it did you take? I get ZILCH from just one serving after 4 however I am motoring and feel extremely focused! I would recommend, if you have any left, trying 2-3 servings and see if that does something. BTW taking 5 ala pulse fast recommendations have me a mega headache but woke up the next day a brand new man!


5 servings? Doesn't the recomendations say not to take more then 2 in a 24 hour period?


The Pulse Fast protocol calls for 4-5 servings also the article for Power Drive does state that some may need a higher number of servings to respond. I'm just saying play around with the doses maybe add a serving a day until you hit your sweet spot. (mines about 3-4)

obviously if you feel it doesnt work for you and you dont have any to hand dont go buying some just to test it, but if you have some to hand why not?


Yeah Power Drive is hit or miss..

When I notice it works 'better' is during hard cutting a long time AFTER a carbup or cheat meal. The Tyrosine converts to Epinepherine/Norepinepherine and Dopamine. I won't go into detail here with conversions etc, but the feel good effect is from there.

So Basically I'd Pulse fast a day before a high carb up and I'd notice a nice little effect during the day. Since it was so long that I'd been depleted the Dopamine, and adrenalin converted from the Tyrosine was really noticeable.

Other than the pulse fast, I've only ever used one serving pre or post workout. I'd like to take 2-3 scoops post workout purposely over-training to really gauge it's effects for a week.