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Power Drive- Average Use Etc.

I mix it in with my Original Surge PWO and love that flavor. Almost like an orange cream.

thanks…the last 3 posts have been great tips about flavor …and all of the posts have been helpful

thanks again

[quote]Millerizer130 wrote:
For those of you who use it as a recovery method…is this because it was not effective for you preworkout? Negligible effects…

Or. … did it work preworkout and postworkout, and you just chose pwo ?[/quote]

I forgot to mention that I take it before all of my games. I like it for preworkout when I’m doing plyometric activity like sprinting/change of direction (these are off ice).

Cool thread. I didn’t think many people used Power Drive since it’s rarely talked about on the forums. I feel it’s severely underrated.

I always take it pre-workout, but if I’m feeling particularly drained after one, I’ll down another serving.

thanks…im glad so many people are big on Power Drive use.

replies are great.

I love the taste aswell. I guess I didn’t explain in my original post, but I like changing up when I take powerdrive. Use it in different facilities. Sometimes I’ll take it a half an hour before the gym, sometimes after I train, sometimes when i wake up and am going to class I’ll throw one back. It may be a slight placebo effect but I think it’s incredibly versatile and fairly cheap, so have fun with it.

I still can’t place where i read it, but don’t abuse it, a serving a day is good, maybe split it up, or split up a serving and a half.