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Power Drive- Average Use Etc.

According to Biotest:
Power Drive is “addictive” only in the sense that anything that causes pleasurable sensations and feelings is addictive. In other words, if something makes you feel good, you’ll probably want to use it again.

However, none of the ingredients have been shown to cause any physical addiction. All of Power Drive’s ingredients occur naturally in certain foods.

Ok, from what I’ve read here on the website it is not addictive, but I was wondering if you guys use it for ALL workouts, use it selectively for 1-2 workouts per week or if you use it on a week by week basis and then cycle off…etc.

If a few of you could chime in with how often you supplement Power Drive into your regimen I would appreciate it.

I usually just take it on days that I go very heavy in the gym. If I’m trying to set some new PRs I will take half a serving before and after. I also do jiu jitsu and sometimes after grappling I’ll be completely exhausted and run down, so I’ll chug a serving.

I love it, and reccomend anyone atleast tries it, but I do recall reading somewhere that you can get TOO much Tyrosine, and not to take more then 1 or 2 servings a day at most.

I’ve been using it a couple times a week. Usually, this coincides to my heavy days but I have used it on my high volume days. I only use 1 serving a day (post workout). It is some good stuff.

thanks guys. I know i have heard it is effective, but its good to hear what a typical week would look like. It isnt overly costly so… A lot of this is based on preference and “what works”

Any other people who “swear by Power Drive”?

Thanks in advance

Im interested in it also, I thought you were suppose to take it before workout about an hour before you start. Can some people offer some advice because i thought the label said to take it BEFORE…

I take it post-workout when I lift to aid in CNS recovery. I don’t take it pre-workout because I never really noticed a difference in my strength or endurance when I did. I also don’t use it before or after MMA training.


I personally like to have it in the mornings and a second serving sometime during the evening/afternoon on a hardcore cut. Literally saves me mentally from destruction, so to speak.

1 serving before workout, 1 serving after workout.

I’ve heard a lot about using it post-really intensive workouts to support cns recovery. Have any of the people who use it for this purpose seen or feel that it really has made a difference? For a college athlete taking part in high intensity activites 5-6 days a week, would you guys definitely recommend it for its aid in recovery?

I take it when I need it for recovery. I could go two weeks without it then use it for three days in a row if shit wears me down.

[quote]hockechamp14 wrote:
I take it when I need it for recovery. I could go two weeks without it then use it for three days in a row if shit wears me down.[/quote]

same here which means I usually take it tuesday and wednesday morning right upon waking. Monday I lift ME. Really seems to help with CNS recovery


I’ve used it with my postworkout Surge/ or waxy maize and whey hydro shake after both my ME and DE days. I really like it, i feel as though both muscles and CNS recover alot quicker.

I use it pre-workout and have had some of my best lifts doing so.

Back in college I would also chug a serving before a test which usually helped out a good bit.

I’m pretty ADD so anything that helps me focus whether on getting more muscle fibers to fire, or figuring out if X project will be profitable in N years, is great!

That being said I like to cycle Spike and Power Drive so my body wont get too used to one or another.

For those of you who use it as a recovery method…is this because it was not effective for you preworkout? Negligible effects…

Or. … did it work preworkout and postworkout, and you just chose pwo ?

For me, I didn’t notice it preworkout too much. Then I read about using it postworkout and tried that. There, I actually notice the difference. Shortly after taking it I actually ‘wake up.’

For me it sounds like a solid investment since im a student and that way even if its not a great preworkout supplement i can still use it to generate extra focus in other ways.

How is the taste? I hear its orangey???

Good… Bad… Alright?

still curious- hows the taste?

(this is secondary to its effectiveness in recovery, but it still is worth asking)

I put it in 8 oz of orange juice or orange gatorade, the taste is sort of hard to describe. Personally it’s not great, but it’s not HORRIBLE either, i take it in the mornings i need to wake up or the morning after CNS intense workout days.

I think it tastes like orange flavored Tang… I love the taste actually…

I use it for recovery also. I have used it before training and also shake it up in a water bottle and bring it to the gym with me for during a long session. It’s pretty versatile…

One of my favorite supps here on the site!

My 2 cts…

I take it to focus on long school days, and pre-WO on heavy lift days (deadlifts, squats…) The effect is pretty amazing.

I don’t take it PWO for the simple reason that it’s best absorbed on an empty stomach and that, PWO, I’d rather chug muscle-building nutrients.

I love the taste.