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Power Drive Anonymous

Anybody addicted to Power Drive? I don’t have to have it every day, but 2-3 days after my last “fix” I can’t concentrate worth a shit and I get depressed. I usually have around 3/4 a scoop (a full usually hipes me up too much). A great combo is 3/4 scoop Power Drive with about 8 oz Mountain Dew, I swear, after a couple of shots of that and my concentration can burn holes in anything I look at. Anybody else, what to confess?

I’m a member of this group too. Funny thing is I take it before work as soon as I get up and before I eat. I don’t use it pre-workout. Makes my whole day go better though.

Wonder how Powerdrive in diet Mountain Dew plus a tab of MD6 would feel? I’ll try it Saturday night before I go out! (I don’t drink.)

Anybody experience great dreams while taking power drive? I find that when I take 2 or more servings I have great dreams, they are usually very positive and uplifting. For an even freakier combo take your power drive during the day and some valarian at night, I swear I dream all night.

haha I have good dreams while on powerdrive.

I love power drive! I could care less about Md6 going out of circulation. Once I discovered Power Drive, I kicked myself for not trying it earlier!

Even on days when I get little sleep, 2 scoops of power drive with club soda gets me feeling like I had 10 hours of sleep!

Now that you all have mentioned dreams you got me wondering. I’ve been having crraaazy dreams at night when I’ve normally been a not remember anything person. Wonder if its the Powerdrive?

Any tips on mixing PD with club soda? I have trouble getting it to dissolve and also having the club soda bubble over the side of the cup.

Trenchdawg, I pour the can of club soda into an empty gatorade bottle (quart sized) and then add the power drive, cap it off and shake it vigorously for a couple of minutes, works great for me.

Its a weird feeling. I don’t notice anything while taking powerdrive, but my workouts have always been much more productive when I take it. Sometimes it makes me feel really good, like 5 hours after taking it, but that’s the extent of the feeling I get from it. I think of it like a pill when I take my pre-workout coctail of antioxidants, water, and PD.