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Power Drive and Testing?


I was just wondering if Power Drive not only helps with increased workout focus but also focus in the work place or class room. My main concern is with taking the ACT and SAT in a few weeks. I want to do the best I can possibly do. I have a little trouble staying focused for the entire duration of the tests and my performance begins to decline after about an hour. I don't want a jittery feeling as a result of taking a focus assisting supplement, but more a calm, concentrated feelng. Will Power Drive help me with this?


I had the same problem all through high school. Lots of ritalin.

On a more serious note, I would try it in the classroom before experimenting with testing day. Just so there are no surprises.


not sure if Power Drive does what you are looking for or not, but I've been using Spike for increased focus in the classroom as I've been really stressed out and not able to sleep as much as I really want to.

it also kick's ass for a workout boost



I used it for an AP test. It worked great. Mix it in club soda if you can.


I use Powerdrive more for school then for workouts. What works for me is taking it about 40 mins before I study the material and 40 min before the actual test, sine it improve memory and recall you can use more effectively during the studying process.