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Power Drive and Spike Questions


Forgive me for not researching this as I'm sure its somewhere on the board but unfortunately I am pressed for time. One of my clients ordered Spike and Power Drive and was wondering if there was any danger or interaction between the two. What type of protocol should he use? Power Drive before workouts, Spike before a big meeting at work, etc. Thanks again.



I have not yet seen any reports of adverse interactions between Spike and Power Drive.

I think a good number of people are either using one or the other, alternating, and some are using Spike prior to workouts and Power Drive afterwards.


I've actually used both and never had any bad interactions except when I took it with HOT-ROX I got a insane headache but I think that was partially due to me not drinking enough water that day.

I typically use 2caps of Spike before my workout then following my workout use Power Drive to revamp my CNS.