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Power Drive and pullups!

Thanks T-mag!!! You guys are awesome! I got my Power Drive that I won from the Poll drawing in the mail last week. I tried it out for the first time before my workout. it tastes great! refreshing in contrast to the yummy milk shake flavor of Grow.

but what i wanted to say was that I was able to complete 8 pullups that workout, when i used the Power Drive! my previous PR was 7, and that was pushing it. i’m pretty amazed! awesome, i can’t wait to see how it affects my other workouts.
Thanks again guys!!

Yar :stuck_out_tongue:

PD gets me through an hour-long, 4 a.m. drive to the gym in the mornings…it’s good stuff.

Try it with E/C. That was some cool shit.

I’m a big PowerDrive fan.