Power drive and others like it

Since I can’t get powerdrive into Canada I was wondering if anyone knows of other companies products that are good to take. I use biotest for most stuff unless I can;t get it into Canada. Another alternative I suppose would be for someone to let me know what I could buy on my own to create a sort of powerdrive. I think I had seen this discussed before, but I can;t find it anymore. If anyone does know where this was discussed before can you give me a link. Thanks guys,
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Why can’t you get it? I live in Canada and have no problem getting Power Drive from a local shop. It is my belief and experience that ordering PD online directly from Biotest is not a problem. PD doesn’t contain any illegal substances so it should not be held up in customs.


You might want to try Twinlab’s Choline Cocktail if you can’t find Biotest’s Powerdrive.

Im in Ontario and can say Ive never had a package from Biotest so much as pass through customs unlike some other items Ive ordered from the states.

Maybe I could start a distribution chain. Since I can get some Biotest products and that domestic packages are rarely confiscated (I’ve had a lot worst than Biotest supplements shipped to me from inside Canada) I could send some. I’ll think about it.

Hey Christian, what province do you live in?? I am in Alberta and apparently there are more problms getting stuff through customs there. Although I just got 5 bottles of Methoxy and 2 bottles of T2 Pro through without a problem, and if powerdrive isn’t Illegal than maybe I could try that as well. Christian that distribution idea would be cool for mag 10 and others that I know we can’t get in. we should talk about that idea.
Thanks guys,
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Hey Christian you have a good idea going, I know that you would get enough request from the west side of Canada. I too live in Alberta, even though I did get Mag-10 through once I was shitting bricks until I recieved it. losing $300 bucks on a seizure of product would suck…GNC charges $80 for surge what a joke , If you keep prices reasonable for stuff like powerdrive and mag-10 you will do well…Psycho

I too live in Canada (B.C.- Abbotsford) and make my bi-weekly trips to the U.S. (it’s a bordertown) and have never had a problem brining Powerdrive across. Don’t let -em hassel ya! Just stand your ground and tell them to look up each individual ingredient in their “book”. Happens to me all the time with Tribex 500 and M (obviously we can’t bring Mag-10 and Androsol-or it’s new equivalent). But make ‘em do their work! Oh! just in case you didn’t know they can’t charge you G.S.T. on any protein (that includes Surge) with Whey IN it. They’ll try to say “if it has flavouring in it…” B.S.!! I fight ‘em everytime and I never pay the tax. I don’t have to pay it in Canada, I’m not payin’ it comin’ across the border! Don’t give 'em more than they require. 'Nuff said.

Hey Christian, I also live in Quebec, Canada. I know that we can get pretty much anything ordered from the states, but how do you get around the border fees [I believe they are called brokerage fees]? That fee is murder!

Hey Ted, where are you buying your Biotest supplements from and what are the prices? I used to live in Vancouver and if I eventually move back this may be some good information.