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Power Drive and mental focus

I realize that this has been posted before but it’s no longer in the archives and up until now, I never had a reason to pay attention to it. So, here goes: I’m taking the LSAT soon and my biggest problem seems to be mental fatigue after the first couple of sections (I don’t have a problem with the time constraints or difficulty of the material, just being able to concentrate after doing it for awhile). So, for those of you that have used it, what do you think is the best way to do this? The entire LSAT lasts about four hours. Will one serving right of Power Drive right before the test last all four hours or I should I take a second serving at our two-hour break? Thanks…

One dose should get you through but a second halfway through (with maybe a little caffeine) may help, or at least give you a psychlogical edge ie if you think it’ll help, it will. Maybe you can mix up a second serving and sip on it if they allow you have a water bottle close by.

I got an idea that I used for you. I took the GRE so I know what the LSAT demands from you. I wasnt ok with the idea of taking a test for 4 hrs with no food or water. KISS MY ASS. The day of my test, I brought my food and water with me. The proctor told me that I was not allowed to bring food. I told him I was a diabetic (which I am not of course). I told him to let me eat or you better have that 911 on speed dial. My proctor was some naive girl so it worked. You can try it, it worked for me.

That was slick man, I’ll have to try that sometime. :wink:

In order to get into Mount Sinai School of Medicine, I had to take the MCATs. Let me tell you, THEY ARE LONG. First thing I did was build up my endurance by taking timed practice tests. Next thing is I made sure I had snacks with me. You have breaks, use them to scarf down a bar of something. Hell I bet even those new grow bars would do you well. I’d prefer a ‘zone’ bar though or a ‘balance’ bar. Anything with enough sugar to keep your mind going, yet not spike your insulin levels so you get sleepy. Also I’d make sure you’re eating a good breakfast like eggs and OATMEAL. You need some carb that is going to keep giving you fuel. I have to admit. I also brought some vitamins and ginkgo biloba to down in between sections. HAHA. I don’t think that made the difference, but I wasn’t taking any chances. I also knew how those things affected me. I don’t suggest you do anything untried. You should be aware that power drive has Ginkgo and that might positively or negatively affect your abilities. You might want to try just supplementing the amino acid precurors that are in it. If you want to be really extreme… eat lots of turkey the night before to load up on your serotonin precursors, and may be even some chocolate to kick in the Dopamine precursors. I also wouldn’t work out the day before unless the stress is killing you… I’d just keep your mind relaxed.