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Power Drive and Liquid Flavoring on MAG-10 Pulses


1) Where can one use Power Drive on a Pulse day? It contains excess calories, should one be concerned with adding it to a pulse to prevent "mental fog"?

2) The liquid flavoring is fine - however, the bottles tend to leak. This is really unfortunate when i am transporting the flavoring. It also sucks a lot when I am at business meetings, and I get hard to wash off smears of orange, red, or grape on my hands. Can these bottles be improved, please?

Lastly - the 2000 mL nalgene is great and all, but why in the world is the MAG-10 and ANACONDA scoop so large that I can't place an entire scoop into the bottle. It's do-able to do it half a scoop at a time, but I would really prefer a smaller scoop that allows direct placement of the powder and no spillage! Again - key for business meetings, etc.




I'm surprised the mods haven't removed this and forwarded it to Biotest's technical support.

And do a search function to answer you question about Power Drive on pulse fast days. Did you even read the article?


Pick up a cheap funnel or fancy one out of a piece of paper.


I always use a funnel. Just pre mix the flavoring in the morning so that your not doing it in business meetings. lol



I keep an old magazine under my sink and just rip a piece out whenever I get my workout drink ready.


Thanks for the response. I did indeed read the article but I did not find anything specific on when/where to place Power Drive. I also did do the search and didn't find the result I desired; hence the post. As you can see I rarely post unless it's something I cannot find on the forums, although I have been reading T-Nation for over six years. Do you have any input in regards to the Power Drive on pulse fast?


I have done this too, but feel there should be a better option. Either a different Nalgene bottle, or (and probably more simply), a smaller scoop for the products.

In regards to the liquid flavor bottles, Food coloring bottles are pretty good about having a specific top on them to prevent leakage/drippage - almost like a little squeeze bottle. This would make use of the liquid flavorings much cleanlier. I do often pre-mix the flavoring, but sometimes life happens on the go as we all know.

Any mods out there with any input into this? Have I placed it in the wrong forum?

Thanks for the responses everyone.


Oh, and one last thing in regards to the liquid flavoring bottles - even when not using them, I have noticed on a few occasions they have some kind of leaking - they leave a ring underneath. I assume this is from drips still in the cap. That's what I meant by leaking and it's unfortunate.


So I looked again at the article and I guess the protocol just calls for 4 scoops of Power Drive in with the mixture itself, sipped appropriately throughout the day?

Does anyone know if this applies to the Pulse Feast as well?



Pulse Fast: 4 scoops in first bottle, finish drinking before 3 p.m.

Pulse Feast: Nothing is mentioned. CT has said that he plays it by ear. If he feels he needs the Power Drive, he adds it, but there aren't any recommendations.


When I'm doing a pulse feast I split the Power Drive up 2 & 2 in the morning and mid-day pulses. 3 scoops MAG-10 + 2 scoops Power Drive + 900ml water. Boom.


For the Pulse fast mix the Power Drive and MAG-10.
Use a funnel to put the MAG-10 in the Nalgene bottle.
Use an eye dropper to add the liquid flavoring to your Nalgene bottle.
Put your liquid flavoring in a small freezer bag, that way any leakage will end up in the bag.


Thanks for the responses everyone.


glad i'm not the only one doing this. look for 7.5ml pipettes on ebay. i got 25 of them for like 7 bucks shipped. if you rinse them out after each use, you can reuse each one for several bottles of flavoring.