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Power Drive and Concussions


Good day,

Does anyone experience with concussions and the usage of Power Drive to mediate the S&S of Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS)?

A good friend of mine is dealing with PCS and his grades have suffered greatly, going from a borderline A+ student to pulling Bâ??s. Heâ??s told me about problems like having to read the same thing several times. I suppose Power Drive can assist in the areas of mood, memory, and focus. These areas are apparently heavily effect in PCS.

However, Power Drive might be contraindicated since PCS S&S include hyper-sensitivity to certain stimuli (light, sound, smell etc.). My concern is that increasing an excitatory NT like acetylcholine may worsen said hyper-sensitivity.

Well, thatâ??s my line of logic. Can anyone smarter than me please weigh in?
Thank you


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that is a real toughy! I currently work a little in TBI, and I will snag my resources from work on Tuesday and give my thoughts and citations.


Thank you both for the replies.

So, we tried 1 serving of Power Drive with no ill-effects as far as producing hyper-hyper-sensitivity to stimuli. Studying was still a chore. However, he told me he did not have to read the same information 3-4 times. It was down to twice!

Could have been from Power Drive or just got better over time. It has been ~3 mo. now. Just wanted to document this for others.

Buddy was not comfortable with the nootropics in his state, but I will be playing with them for myself and using your dosages, BBB. Thank you again.


Could he elaborate? He's been injured. He needs it. He deserves it. It's not like he's some lazy fucker who just uses them to study as little as possible, e.g. me, lol. They are by no means cheating and if used with some common sense very safe.


What do you mean with common sense, can they be unsafe? I am currently taking Vinpo, Ani, Bacopa, and DMAE.