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Power Drive and Concentration

hey, been visiting the site regularly for a while first time posting

Ive been taking Grow! for a while now and love it, by far the best protein Ive tried. Havent taken any supps besides protein and occasionally creatine but I just ordered Power Drive and was wondering what you guys think of it and what to expect when I try it. How much does it actually affect you concentration? Enough that I should have a scoop before my SAT’s saturday? haha

OMG get Spike that stuff is the sh*t! I don’t know why but it dials you in insanely.

You should ABSOLUTELY have a scoop before your SAT’s. In a perfect world, 30 minutes before, mixed with green tea. :slight_smile:

Although, I assume it will arrive before saturday so I would recommend trying it so you know what to expect beforehand, perhaps prior to a workout. I love Power Drive, I really think it is one of the most under-rated Biotest supps.

I think Power Drive is good, but Spike is better.

Power Drive worked much better for me if I had a bit of caffeine along with it - like 1/2 cup of coffee.

I love Power Drive I like it much more than Spike, but I am very sensitve to stimulants, so maybe thats why, I haven’y found that Power Drive has help my training but it damn well is getting me through midterms with flying colours

At $17 it’s a great choice. I tried Spike and didn’t feel a thing even after going to three capsules. Many other T-Nationers love it so I guess it depends on the individual. Power Drive has always given me an alert, focused feel that makes a difference in my workouts. Plus it tastes pretty good. Highly recommended.

My personal take is that, as far as purely crisp mental clarity goes, just being able to think and focus and concentrate without feeling like your brain is even slightly “cloudy” or distracted, Power Drive is the one. And yes, although it has zero stimulatory effect, this actually helps workouts a little bit, though maybe not to a massive degree, but it’s noticeable.

Spike, on the other hand, doesn’t give me that “purity/clarity of thought” that Power Drive does, but it’s kind of like a stimulant without the stimulatory effects, if that makes any sense. It just feels like energy in a bottle – no jitteriness like caffeine or ephedrine, no vibrating, just energy. You no longer feel tired, sleepy, like you just want to sit down, etc. It’s very good in that sense. Almost like having magically added an hour or two of sleep to your previous night’s sleep.

Obviously, both of these could be advantageous to either a workout or a studying session.

Unfortunately, Power Drive doesnt do anything for me. I want to try Spike, but I dont want to have similar results. I have to be far and away in the dumps for Power Drive to help me, even with caffeine added. Maybe I’m hardened to stimulates.

I still use what I got on those days where I got around 5 hours of sleep and its leg day. That isnt my usual, but it happens sometimes.