Power Drive and competitions

I would just PM BigMartin about this, but I already bother him enough. Are any of the compounds in Power Drive banned by the USAPL? I know that Tyrosine triggers the release of norepinephrine, and by reading over the USAPL policy it sounds like any sort of a stimulant wouldn’t be allowed.

If this is the case wouldn’t it be somewhat self-defeating to use it regularly in training? I would assume that it would be very easy to develop somewhat of a mental dependency to it.

thank goodness you didnt ask me because i have no idea, i know the usapl is really bitchy about this shit though, and they have been known to kick people out of competitions for drinking to much coffe the day of the meet…big martin

There aren’t any stimulants in Power Drive as far as I can tell… Just stuff for neurotransmitter optimization. Unless they test for L-Tyrosine and B6 I would think you are ok with it. Anyone else have a real answer for him?

Should be fine. Even Olympic sprinters use Power Drive.

Tyrosine is perfectly fine

Awesome. Thanks guys.