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Power Drive and Club Soda

Coach, you’ve written before about how you like Power Drive before workouts. Do you buy into the idea of using club soda to make it work better or faster? Do you tweak it any other way, like adding caffeine? Thanks!

I’d be interested in the concept of taking in caffeine before workouts as well (not necessarily with Power Drive, just by itself). I’ve read something about caffeine helping endurance athletes.

In regards to Mike’s question: I think caffeine helps endurance athletes by making it easier to use stored fat as a fuel source. This way they can go longer before depleting carb stores. I can see caffein being useful as a stimulant for weight training, but since it is an anaerobic activity, I don’t think the above would apply.

I rarely use caffeine. I (or my athletes) might use it while dieting, to increase fat usage and to help get the workout started when they are lethargic. I’ve seen too many athletes become dependant on caffeine or the ECA stack for good performance that I don’t recommend it.

My latest pre-workout concoction includes:

  • Power Drive (1-2 servings)
  • r-ala (200g)
  • BCAA (10-12g)
  • Gatorade powder (1/2 scoop, 15g)
  • salt (a few pinches)
  • club soda (341ml)
  • creatine (10g)

This is to be ingested 30-45 minutes prior to the workout.

CS works by increasing the pH to a more neutral environment, which aids in uptake.

Hey CT ya know what would make that an even better stack?

A couple thermadrenes:-)

Just kidding, although I do agree with your stance on the ECA and caffeine. Have you ever taken anything like eca with P.D., it’s pretty damn impressive.

Just curious, how does it help to take r-ala before a workout?

It improves creatine transport and its uptake by the muscles.

Why the 10 grams of creatine? Isn’t it best absorbed in 3-5 gram portions. Plus, once you are fully saturated, why take more than 5g a day?

Oh no, not another participant to the “I wanna stump the expert” game!

3-5g … do you also believe the old wives tale that you can only ingest 30g of protein in one sitting? Tale that has been proven untrue many many times in the past.

I’m just pulling your leg here :slight_smile:

I found that with ingredients I use, which increase nutrient uptake an cell volumization you can increase the rate at which creatine is transported and stocked into the muscle.

So at best we are “super volumizing” the muscle cell, creatine an optimal environment for size growth and performance improvement. At work we are not getting much added benefits and my athletes are wasting an additional 50 cents per day. But from my experience I err on the side of the former.

It’s true that once the reserves are full you cannot force more into them though, just like you cannot overfill a gas tank. However consider that I do not use a loading phase and that on non-training days only 5g is used. So what I basically get is a mini-loading cycle to maximize the stores before each training. This is just to make it 100% sure that they are full before the workouts. And you know what? I’ll even add 5g after the workout … yep I’m crazy!