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Power Drive and Adaptogens


I live in that "crazy, backwards place" called "Europe". Over here Power Drive is..... expensive. I beckon the generous and wonderful T-Staff to correct this horrible injustice. For you see, at the online Biotest shop in England Power Drive costs 28 Pounds..... Not only is the number itself higher than the 17$ that it costs in the states, but the pound is also stronger than the dollar, bringing the dollar value to roughly 51.6 US DOLLARS!! That?s almost 3 times as much! I say this not of spite of course, but because I would really like to afford a wonderful product!

Anyways, I was curious if Power Drive as the product on the whole could be classified as a combination of adaptogens. Either way I was hoping someone could provide me with the kind of review you can only get at T-Nation concerning a specific adaptogen called Rhodiola rosea. Apparantly eastern europeans and asians have been using it for time, including athletes, for a mental boost, endurance boost, and recovery boost.


Ive read up on it at this herbal phytomedicinal review, and it sounds pretty good, but Ill leave it to you clever bunch to reveal the truth! Anyways, Thanks in advance for any help!



You could always consider buying the component parts of Power Drive. Even if you could just obtain Ginkgo Biloba, L-Tyrosine and DMAE, that would give you a huge mental boost.


********** Adaptogens are awesome in my opnion. Power Drive works well but so herbs. They might work well together. Check out natura.com. Ben Tabachnick and some doctor(who's name escapes me) runs the site.
Brandon Green


Thank you for the replies!

I have started looking into purchasing the seperate ingredients as best I can, but I would prefer a worthy combination of those ingredients.. (like Power Drive) So far I have found a few, but most are either more expensive still, or not quite as good....

I checked out natura.com and it turned out to be an online brazilian beauty and cosmetics shop... Im guessing thats not what you had in mind! Have any ideas as to why it didnt work?

thanks again!





Yep Rhodiola is definiately a worthwhile herb. Its been linked with ATP synthesis, improving workload (rats were able to swim 200% longer while using it), numerous studies have shown it also improves recall and both mental and physical stressors. Make sure you get a capsule with 3% rosavins .. The best IMHO is by the UK company Viridan avaliable avaliable from all good health/supplement shops .. NOT Holland and Barrett. Choose the high potency one.


Cheers V!
Could you get Viridan at Boots by anychance? Hahah, and right you are on Holland & Barrets, that?s one huge fucking scam imho. Have you tride Viridan yourself, and if so, would it be worth combining with any other adaptogens, or mind enhancing compounds (DMAE, Tyrosine, etc.) Thanks for your help mate.



Not sure if you can buy it boots .. no harm checking. There website

has a store locator where you can click when you live and there it will show you all the retailers in your area pretty cool.

Yeah I've used it with L-Tyrosine 2500mg I used of the powder ... cheaper than the expensive tablet formulas.

I'm an acrobat and found tyrosine helps improve my concentration and focus pretty well. Yeah I used both viridian and solgars Rhodiola .. Viridian I prefered. One weird thing with Rhodiola is if you ever burp you'll burp the smell of rhodiola pretty much all day :slightly_smiling: But definiately a subtle change using it.

Never used DMAE, pretty pricey too.

Hope that helps.