Power Curls

some power curls done sfter my squatting,i find these help my bicep tendonitis after close grip low bar squatting :slight_smile:

Curlin’ in the squat rack on a Powerlifting thread… ballsy man, ballsy…


Its just kinda frowned apon. Unless its actaully your rack but have you never went to the gym to squat and some 170lbs ass hole is doing curls in the rack with 70lbs with his 160lbs workout partner and in-between sets they look at each others ABS and then make love right there on the squat rack. Well luckily I have not either but apparently it happens alot and people who like to squat really wanna kill those kinds of people.

[quote]StrengthDawg wrote:
Curlin’ in the squat rack on a Powerlifting thread… ballsy man, ballsy…[/quote]

I squat on the preacher curl bench, that’s cool right bro?

I squat the leg press.

I havent seen a single person ever curl in a squat rack in real life.

See post # 1, thread page 9:


that looks painful but hey if it works for you it works… it usually helps me to do reverse curls with light weights sets of 20!

When you can squat over 500lb raw in my gym you can do yoga drinking beer in the squat rack :smiley: