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power cleans

Even Christian Thibadeau in his “Money Exercises” article prefers the hang/block versions of the oly lifts for sports transfer than the full blown triple extension versions.

Heavythrower - you do get triple extension in the pulls, knee/hip/ankle full extending basicly, but that was not what I was getting at

I meant it’s harder to do the pulls properly that’s all. With the double knee rebend or hip scoop. This is where stretch reflexing effect comes in. otherwise you might as well do speed deads :slight_smile:

Goldberg - I trust your form is “proper”, I was just commenting in general, that speed of the lift is still important as well at least for sports purposes anyway. I’ve seen olylifters do it slow and some very fast - strange though the bar still goes the same height.

Panda - well I personally believe lifts from the floor are of benefit, theya re certainly different from hang lifts. They teach you to accelerate an object that is already moving, which pretty much applies to most sports :slight_smile:


can you post a link to that Pablo Lara vid? I don’t know how to get it otherwise…or could someone tell me how to get it?

highlight the text (i.e. left click and drag)
right click
click adress box
paste into address box

hope this helps

i did and it said page can not be displayed or some crap like that.

Sorry, I tried it again and it did not work. A few days ago it did I don’t know?

"I never thought cleans were that technical. I cleaned 335 in high school. Yesterday I was messing around with snatch grip high pulls and accidently snatched 135. It was kinda funny. I was just trying to pull it really high. "


You would hardly be considered average, you obviously train very hard and smart and as a result have become a super strong freak…bless your soul.

I reckon snatches and cleans are highly technical, i’ve read in several places that they, and the snatch in particular, are considered by some to be the most complex movement in athletics .


That’s because the file is no longer online :slight_smile: