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Power Cleans

Should I do power cleans on my leg or back day?

Leg day before you squat…Good Luck Big matin

ALL Cleans should be done on leg days.

You could do it on back day or leg day.

Hey reggc,
Go with either, usually as a first exercise.

I’m doing them on the same day I train my back currently. This workout is separated by 3-4 days from my leg day.

They can be done on either day, the option is your’s. If you choose not to do them on leg day, then make sure that you separate them far enough from such so that you don’t run into problems with soreness.

It really depends on what the rest of your split looks like. Why don’t you post it and then we can give you an informed opinion.

On powerclean day.

(I couldn’t resist)

Too many variables to give a simple answer. Does your back get sore from cleans? If so, then why would you do it on leg day? Your back will be sore for your back day.

Why not just do them when you can without compromising other lifts?

Like Neil said, many, many variables to consider. Very little information provided. I do a heavy day (>75% 1RM)that tends to fall on my squat day and I find it is a terrific warm-up if I do them before my squats. I also do a lighter day that I use to concentrate more on technique and typically use a higher volume (~50% 1RM). That tends to fall on a shoulder day or sometimes deadlift day. Regardless, I almost always do them first. My squat results tend to be much better when I preceed them with cleans.