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Power Cleans?

I have done hang cleans before and know how to do them. For Bill Starr’s 5x5 program, it says I can do power cleans or bentover rows. I would like to do power cleans because they would benefit my lower body more.

If I can perform a hang clean, would it be safe for me to attempt to learn the power clean by myself? I know it advises against doing them without a trained person to teach you.

yeah you should be fine to learn it. its basically the same movement but from the floor. also make sure to remember to rack the bar on the shoulders with elbows pointing forward. you can teach yourself because i did it. i know and use great form because ive done the research. keep practicing with light loads until it snaps up to the shoulders every time, then pile on the weights

Elano is right, if you start with a light load and get the form right you will be set. The power clean is a great lift, but, form is KEY. There are a lot of great articles out there to show you the lift.

Things I think I learned about cleans:

Clean means it starts from the floor and you catch it in a front squat. Hang clean means it starts hanging from your arms and you catch in the front squat. Power means you catch the weight in the power position with your knees a little bent like in a 1/4 or 1/2 front squat position.

Hang power clean is probably what you’ve been doing? Start hanging with arms and catch in 1/4 front squat.

Do you have bumper plates?