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Power Cleans Without Bumper Plates

I’m having a lot of difficulty getting my power clean form down (or even just executing them) because my shitty community gym has no bumper plates. I don’t have the strength to clean with 45lbs weights on each end and a 45lb bar, but I can’t get the proper height with lower weights. Does anyone have any suggestions or subtitutions that might be helpful? Appreciate it.

use a power rack to set it at the right height?

set the bar on top of some weights to set it at the right height!

Practice hang cleans too. Probably a good idea if you don’t feel comfortable pulling from the floor yet.

Also, and this would be an interesting point for a coach who has worked with this – it may not be the case that the height resulting from 25 lb plates would be a bad thing at all.

It’s not at all unknown to do deadlifts deliberately with all 25 lb plates (except the last few being smaller if necessary for exact weight) precisely so as to get the greater range of motion. It’s hard to see why it would necessarily be bad for power cleans.