Power Cleans vs Deads/Squats


I’m working on a 5RM power clean.
Is there a rule of thumb or chart to estimate what my 5RM should be if I can Sumo Deadlift 315 for 6 and Squat 325 for 5?


Are you working on a 5 RM to know what your 5 RM is or to estimate a 1 RM. To find a 1 RM do a 1 RM and then you dont need a chart. Estimations are ridiculous. If you are going for a true 5 RM then go for it but no I don’t see any lift determining a max for another lift. Don’t believe the bullshit about this lift should be 85% of that lift. Just do the actual lift. Sorry if I missed the point of your post so let me know if I did.

personally 5 reps would be too much for the power clean, go for 3 reps instead. reasoning being that fatigue and form are very important in those lifts. Also for someone who is not experienced in oly lifts you can get hurt attempting to do 1 rep maxes. laters pk

Thanks for pointing that out Pkrad. I think 5 reps is too much for a max in a clean as well.

There does seem to be a ratio between powerclean/deadlift strength, but sumo strength is probably less relevant than traditional deadlift strength.

A sensible way to increase your clean strength will be to continue practicing cleans and concentrate on upping your traditional deadlift strength. Use the same grip for deads as you use for cleans. (this is why you might want to switch to traditionals)
They say familiarity breeds contempt, so gain familiarity with heavier weights through deadlifting. You should see carryover to cleans.

Yeah agree with all suggestions that say 5RM is too high for cleans. Just as an indicator my clean 1RM PR (242lb)is 55% of my DL 1RM (440lb)