Power Cleans Technical Issues

Im an ex pro athlete and naturally fast and powerful. Ive never had coaching on the oly lifts BUT recently got into these because of the obvious benefits and transfer to speed sports. Id be grateful if any experienced oly guys could go through the key points of the lift and the various technicalitiies.

Ive noticed my wrist is killing me after the lifts!! I m eager to get the tecnique sound (in a fast tracked way!) so I can then apply my speed and power and do some decent poundage BUT Ill wait to pick up the way 1st! I don`t want to make any more doctors rich, fuck that!ha

Get a video up of your form. We’ve got people here who will see it and can get you on the right track. Without being there or without video people wont be able to pin point where your issues are. Maybe you need wrist mobility, maybe you’re pulling with your arms too much.


Then click on articles. It’ll bring all articles that discuss power clean.

thanks bruv