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Power Cleans/Snatches for Strongman

Do you guy think tha Power cleans/snatches cqn be a good asistance exercise for strongman? Do any of the strongmen competiors here use them ? I was thinking about using them on as a second exercise on dynamic days with 75%-85% of my max.
Thanks in advance

If I trained for Strongman I for sure would be doing power cleans and snatches. most everyting you guys do in strongman requires full body utilizationn to perform the tasks, just like cleans and snatches do. I would also keep them heavier than lighter like your thinking to be working more strength and power.

I was amazed when i saw the lousy technique the strongmen in the nordic championships had in cleans. one out of nine managed to clean it properly… and it was about 120-140kg… that is too weak. (and yeah, it is a 2.5in bar, but still)

They’re a couple of the most important exercises you can do, especially if you don’t have a few tires around to flip. I usually use the power snatch and clean pulls.

Why is it second on your DE day? What’s first?


I usually use box squats.

[quote]Will42 wrote:
Do you guy think tha Power cleans/snatches cqn be a good asistance exercise for strongman?[/quote]

Absolutely. I’d include a bunch of variations, like clean-grip snatches (one of Dan John’s recommended lifts to train for the caber toss[I know, not a strongman move, but still]) as well as reverse grip cleans (to assist in the tire flip). I’m pretty certain that THE Cardoza is big on Oly lifts and 1-arm DB oly lifts.

[quote]Will42 wrote:
I usually use box squats. [/quote]

You’ll get more out of doing the cleans/snatches first. They require more neural drive; doing them after squats makes them pretty useless. Before squats, though, both are very useful.



i don’t train wsb, but if you do and also do strongman; that’ll be useful.

train just the powerclean, snatches aren’t that useful for SM.

good luck