Power Cleans/Snatches 5/3/1

I am now doing power cleans before my deadlift, and hang snatch before I squat. I am doing 5/3/1, with a focus on bringing up my hams/glutes and back(all of which are weak), and fixing my lordosis kyhposis.

Currently after I do my cleans or snatch, I jump right into the final 3 sets on dead and squat, I do this in my mind, to keep from being so fatigued on my last set of my squat or deadlift. I know that your lighter sets help build form, and I do them explosively so I know they help with explosiveness.

My question is, should I be doing all the warmup sets? or is going straight into the “working sets” fine. I no longer get too many extra reps on my last sets since I added the other lifts, so I assume doing the warmups will compromise the final set even more.

My opinion is the deadlift/squat warm-ups wouldn’t fatigue you at all. If anything, they would give you extra time to recover from your power cleans/snatches.

Remember, even though the 5/3/1 warm-ups are listen as 40/50/60%, when you consider these are taken from just 90% of your “true” max, you are only doing:

5 x 36%
5 x 45%
3 x 54%

…hardly enough to fatigue you.

While I can understand the temptation to skip these warm-ups, I personally would still do them.

If you think your ‘warm up’ is going to fatigue you, you are kind of missing the point.

Yea, I thought it was moving south of Vag. Thats why I like this forum, people will tell you how it is and call you on things.