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Power Cleans, Shoulders or Back Day?


I think I am going to add these in my program. For those of you that do them, do you use them on your shoulders or back days? It seems like it works both. I was looking at maybe 3 sets of 8 reps for trying to gain weight/mass specifically for my traps/rear delts/ upperback. Thanks in advance.


As far as building mass, they've always hit my traps and rear delts the hardest. I prefer hang cleans over power cleans on shoulder day though to save my legs for a lower body day


+1 for shoulder day (I do a clean and jerk).


do them on your butt day.


if you learn to do them properly they should train hip drive. hammies and glutes.

most people don't train them properly. in which case you got yourself a light deadlift followed by a row / reverse arm curl.


back day. IMO if you feel it in your delts then your technique is waaaaay wrong.

i have normally used as part of a full body day or as part of a clean day. yes an entire day to the wonderful clean. or maybe on squat or deadlift day as well.


The 'rear' delts were mentioned. I think doing power cleans definitely thickens everything on the upper back. The rear delts aren't especially involved in the pull, but in the catch they have to be braced hard to rack the bar in a solid, strong position (elbows up). But I guess you could say that during powercleans, ALL muscles are braced to some extent

And as was said, the movement should be primarily hip/glute. If you do them properly, do them with squats.


Flip those. Go 8 sets of 3. It's a technical lift.