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Power Cleans or High Pulls?

Ok, gonna be running my own version of the Strength-Skill Circuit. On workout 1 , i’m trying to decide between high pulls or power cleans. I love them both but when trying to do both in the past it didn’t workout so well from both recovery and performance standpoint . Now i do these exercises from the floor. Never felt right doing them from the hang position and i dont have appropriate block set ups in my home gym to do these from the blocks. I’m leaning towards power clean because im slightly stronger but it seems like i get more of the yoked look from high pulls even though it seems they would both hit traps equally. Btw , this is it!I know i been posting about different programs recently. If i can’t stick with this for awhile then i may just give up following a plan all together and just do whatever i feel like when i walk into my home gym that day.

If you can’t decide just do both. Alternate each workout.

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Yes do this.

High pulls are superior from a muscle gain standpoint, power cleans slightly better from an athletic standpoint.

Yes you could alternate between both from workout to workout as was suggested, but it kinda defeats the purpose of a strength-skill circuit which is to have a high frequency of a specific set of exercises to improve skill and efficiency as fast as possible on them.


For traps are power snatches superior than high pulls? Poliquin always said power snatch was his favorite trap builder.

Poliquin never had traps.

And, no offense to him (he was a friend) but he has literally ZERO competency on the olympic lifts. I was joking around about this with one of Charles’ followers who saw him try to do a snatch.

Any olympic pull can build the traps, but high pulls are better than snatches by far. Not to mention that you can do more reps per set on high pulls than snatches.

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Thx fellas, Think i may do those high pulls!

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One last question for rotator and postural muscles which hits it harder the snatch or the clean?