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Power Cleans on 531 BBB?


Running 531 Boring But Big. I would like to add Power Cleans either 531 or as assistance work. Can I add Power Cleans before Squats 531 style or would it be better to add them as an assistance lift? If as an assistance lift would a better set/rep scheme be something like 8x3 instead of 5x10? Thank you.


I would do them beforehand because you would rather not be fatigued when doing any explosive and technical lifts like a clean.


I would also say before squats. General rule is Oly lifts first. I like to do my Oly lifts with 5/3/1 sets and reps, but required reps only. If I feel like pushing the Oly lifts on a given day I ramp up to a single or triple or something as opposed to going for reps.


Right, but I was wondering if I can add them 531 style or as an assistance move. And if an assistance move, what rep scheme


We do not do cleans during BBB work. In general, it is reserved for other templates. The way we set up training, BBB last about 3-6 weeks. Not doing cleans during this short period of time is not going to make a huge difference.


Ok. I know i shouldn’t be fucking with the program, I just love cleans and wanted to emphasize my “yoke” but I guess I will forego them for now. Thank you.