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Power Cleans/Olympic Lifts

Thanks everybody for all those replies on bent-over rowing…it warmed my heart and put a tear in my eye :slight_smile:

So, next topic, another thing that makes your average gym squirrel or bunny run in terror…power cleans and/or olympic-type lifts. Anyone put those into your routine? I personall LOVE power cleans, I’m downright addicted to them, and I like to get them in about twice a week. I find they keep my power/strength levels high and my balance and coordination in good condition. Plus I also think they stress muscles and/or combinations of muscles which aren’t worked out the same by any other methods.

Any other lovers of the explosive power movements out there?

I do power cleans every other leg day workout, so about twice every three weeks. I do them before deadlifts. How many reps/sets do you do? I have been doing two waves of 8/5/3.

I do them all by their lonesome on a training day. I just started doing them this past year, so I really want to perfect the form which is why I do cleans alone in a training day. But since right now I’m in the midst of the 5x5 program, I haven’t done them in the last several weeks.

But once I'm done w/5x5 - you can bet I'll be doing cleans once again, same as before.

If anyone’s interested in perfecting their form,worldclasscoachingllc.com has a power clean video that’s second to none. Worth every penny.

Power cleans, love em. Do once a wk alternating them with deadlifts. Usualy in apyramid stle 8/7/5/3 then finishing with a set till i drop with a 60% max. Hardly am able to sleep at night afterwards.

Can anyone provide some links that show/tell you have to correctly perform these kind of lifts? I’d like to try them out. Also, what is a “good morning”? I’d like to know about good form for dead lifting. Thanks.

I just started doing power cleans this week. I love to do them after squats and shoulder work. They worked part of my back and shoulders that I’ve never felt before.

Try snatches, power snatches, and cleans (full depth at the bottom). That’ll make some heads turn! I’ve been OL for about 3-4 months and there is nothing better.

Unlike the others who responded I do the full Olympic lifts rather then just power cleans. Unfortunately it takes more skill which requires a longer learning curve. However, I feel it is well worth it. I have become addicted to them. They are not as valuable if your goal is only to put on size, but if you want to develop power, speed, agility and balance, the O.L. are second to none.

Ah this doesn’t count as an Olympic lift, but I’ve recently started doing one handed snatches, and THOSE ARE SO DAMN FUN.

Man you just rip that thing into the air. I can’t wait to do them again!!!


I do cleans and snatches about 4 times a week, either at the beginning of my workout or at a seperate time of day (A.M.). Even when I concentrate more on powerlifting I always keep these in my routine, usually the power versions. I love this stuff… but I really am an Oly lifter at heart.

Always have some Olympic lifts on my leg days (2 a week) both power and squat versions of the clean and snatch with barbell and dumbbells are used.

Paul, what are the full olympic lifts that you do. Clean and Jerk?

Here is a great article (shows form)



Whats the difference between hang cleans and power cleans? or is it just terminology?

Whats the difference between hang cleans and power cleans? or is it just terminology?

a hang clean is a clean where you pull the bar from a starting point off the ground (from mid thigh, above knee, below, off boxes, etc.) a power clean is a clean inwhich you catch the bar without allowing your upper thigh past a 90 degree angle. So you could every well do a hang power clean.

Hang cleans are cleans that are from the “hang” position. It is either started from below the knee, above the knee, at waist etc. Power cleans are started from the ground and cleaned into a quarter squat position instead of a full (front) squat position.

The Power Clean begins from lifting the weight straight off the floor, and I believe that the hang clean’s starting position is holding the bar at about your thighs.

The difference between a hang clean and a power clean is in two things. The first is the start position. The hang clean is started with the bar off the ground, hanging in the hands. Hence the Hang Clean. The second is that a power clean has only a partial squat under, while a true clean, hang or otherwise, has the lifter squating to rock bottom to catch the bars downward descent. Power cleans involves squating down to slightly above parallel as the absolute lowest position.