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Power Cleans Everyday?

I have tried to research this but can’t really find a good answer. My question is: can i do this workout every morning and not interfere with my pm training session or gains. I will be doing an upper/lower split. In the am I wanted to mix in power cleans, weighted carries, jump rope, and sprints, so I would try to do some form of them every day. For example

Day 1 superset 5x90sec (increase over time) jump rope x 20 pushups
5x5 power cleans or weighted carries

Day 2 superset 10x80 yard sprints x 20 leg lifts (only 5 sets)
5x5 power cleans or weighted carries

Alternate something like this daily in the am and continue with my pm training session as usual. Thanks for any input or any other recommendations you may have!!

It will affect your pm work to some degree depending on your intensity/volume in the am. This probably won’t be a significant amount but is present nonetheless.

An important question to answer for yourself is why. Why are you doing this am work and what benefit do you expect from it? Is your priority the am or pm work?

With the answer to these questions we can probably give better recommendations

No one is really going to be able to answer you very well without knowing your total volume, intensity, goals, etc. We can’t look at 10 minutes of your training and tell you if it’s going to work or impede other things.

That being said, you can do power cleans every day if the loading parameters are right. If you work up to a heavy single every day then your performance will diminish over time. Weightlifters do their work nearly every day but some days it’s more like practicing the skill rather than pushing their 1RM.

The micro tears in muscle fibers that causes soreness occurs during the eccentric or lowering phase of a lift. Power cleans and other Olympic lifts don’t have that element. The fatigue you experience will probably be more CNS fatigue than muscle fatigue, but again, if your loading parameters are correct, you’ll be fine.

Short answer: Absolutely no way you can do what you laid out, let alone lift weights too.

Long Answer: How many sprints, rope jumps, power cleans, weighted carries and “regular lifting” are you doing now?

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What exactly are you wanting to achieve?


Why not?

Especially if the Cleans are a low weight more for training the movement than anything else, I cant see it having a huge impact…

I dig holes and push barrows for hours at a time before gym sessions after work. It might not be 100% optimal but it doesn’t affect me too much.

10 sprints is a lot to start with.

Sprinting 3-4 times a week is a lot of sprinting.

Jumping rope can abuse some of the same stuff that sprinting is already pounding.

This is a big load to start with, and dude plans to build up from there.

Basically, dude can’t find a “good answer” because his plan is pretty aggressive.

He’s an article about an Olympic Gold Medalist, a powerful, explosive dude, running 3 sprints.

I agree that some power cleans may not be a big deal. But if you’re just “going through the motions,” why not do jumps for real explosiveness?

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Obviously adding sprints 3x a week will impact recovery

Obviously adding another morning workout will impact recovery

You will need to take that into account.

Personally, I think it’s a bad idea.

because he’s a beginner. I’ve never met a beginner who has a power clean technique that is good enough to avoid over-use injury running a program like this. Olympic-caliber lifters can do this because they are extraordinarily proficient at what they do, and they only care about doing one thing.

Pushing barrows and digging holes is very different. Those are fatiguing. Injury is the potential issue, not fatigue, in my opinion. I do agree that from a work capacity standpoint, there is no real issue here.

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