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Power Cleans/Bill Starr 5x5


First off, I am trying to increase my vertical leap, so I am currently doing Bill Starr 5x5 and am on week 3. I was wondering if I should throw some power cleans in there for better results. And I was also wondering whether I will get better results (jump higher) if I go into a full squat after the clean instead uhhh not squatting it. thanks.


What Starr program are you doing that doesn't already include cleans? From what I recall, his basic routine focused on the squat, bench press, and power clean.

Technically-speaking, if you squat after the clean, it's no longer a "power clean." In any case, I'd stick with the power clean without the "added" front squat, as long as you are squatting somewhere in your program. Focus on the explosion of the clean, not necessarily the squat recovery.


In the program I'm doing the lifts are the squat, deadlift, row, military press, and bench press.
Thanks for the advice.