Power Cleans and 5-3-1

Question about where to put power cleans in the program:
I know Mr Wendler says to put the Clean before squat but this makes me unbelievably tired and my front squat suffers [I don’t do back squats at the moment]. As I see it I have two options:

  1. PREFERRED: Do my cleans before I military press (military press day is 48 hrs after deadlifting and 48 hrs before front squatting)

  2. Add in a fifth weights day where I just go to the gym and do the power cleans.

3.Drop the volume of cleans. Currently I warm up with 20kg,30,40,50,603 then do 70kg 33 work sets (Currently this is quite a light weight for me - I’m adding 2.5kg a week). This is pretty low volume as is - maybe i could just do singles on the warm ups?

Which of these options would work???

I did fine putting them on DL day, using the same progression as other main exercises (5-3-1) and only get the prescribed reps; they worked as a warm-up for DL. You can calculate training percentages using 85% of 1RM to give your body more time to adapt.

I’d choose option #3, if I had to…

Why do you want to clean so bad?

I use them only as a warm up on squat and deadlift day. That’s what I’d recommend but it depends on why you’re doing the cleans in the first place.

Power cleans are messy to put into 531 … esp. for the high rep sets, and ESPECIALLY for when you get into 225lbs +