power clean

Can anyone describe the proper form to do power cleans? I’ve been seing people in the gym do these and they look like a great exercise. The only thing that seems weird to me, is that I could see someone breaking their collar bone or at least getting some badass bruising. Is there a way to not get bruised?

The secret is to drop into a quarter squat to decelerate the bar. Then, the force isn’t as direct as it would be if you were completely upright. Plus, as with front squats, the more you do them, the more resistant to bruising you become. Here’s a great link to a bunch of power exercises:

ExRx.net : Lists PowerExercises.html

If you’re breaking your collar bone when power cleaning you are doing something very wrong.

Bruising is good! Bleeding is even better!

Don’t watch people in your gym, 90% of people don’t know how to clean properly. Most people use too light a weight to force them to use good form, they basically perform a reverse curl with a lot of cheating. Go to that guy’s website for good advice, and don’t worry about bruising. Your upper chest will toughen up after a few training sessions. Good luck.

The very first step, the first pull was the hardest for me to learn. Bar over balls of feet, traps stretched, droppng to a point where the angle of the back doesn’t change from the time the bar travels from the floor to the tops or right at the knees. I actually do my first two warm up sets with this partial rep. It helped a lot

Thanks a lot for the input guys

I agree with Aztec. Yes, there is something to be said for using lighter weight for mastering form, but the olympics are one movement where people take it to far. If you’re using light weight and sets of 10 to practice your form, the weight is too light.