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Power Clean


Is it a good idea to do pwer clean and deadlift the same day when you beyond 5/3/1.
I really enjoy doing both workouts and they both seem to really do wonders for me.


similar thread a few down from this...


I've felt what works best for me is to do the power cleans on squat day, but you can do them on either squat or dead lift day. Test it out and see what works best for you.


you can clean every day as long as youre dropping the bar and doing real cleans for singles


The program is specific and written with reason - you can do what you want but it will fuck up the program.


Hey Jim,
I have been doing the original 531 program and doing hanging power cleans (1x) into OHP .
Is this cool ?
Didn't want to do it as dedicated sets as its not one of the big 4 but think its great movement .


Read pages 44 and 45 in Beyond 5/3/1.


Yeah need to get it