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Power Clean + Waterbury


Humm.. Sitting here and enjoying the Swedish summer, when one of those questions that change an entire life pops up.

Where would one place Power Cleans in this scheme? How do you incorporate this exercise in to Waterburys programs?

Upper Body Pushing (Horizontal Plane)

Upper Body Pulling (Horizontal Plane)

Upper Body Pushing (Vertical Plane)

Upper Body Pulling (Vertical Plane)

Lower Body (Hip Dominant)

Lower Body (Quad Dominant)


I believe it would be hip dominant.


Hybrid LOL = Lower hip dominant upper verticle pull.

I would most likely lean toward hip dominant and place my vert pull day as far away from it as I could.

Maybe, Just an option,



Think olympic lifts are too complex to be easily listed as one move or another. You should look up Joe Kenns tier system, he sorts out exercises in this manner and uses a lot of Olympic lifts.


Just ask him. He's on every Thursday, and responds very promptly.


Hip dominant, first exercise.