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Power Clean vs Normal Cleans

Can you tell us the diffrence between the two exercises? And if possible how a pic on how to do each exercise?


power clean = rack with quarter squat dip, although if the bottom of the thigh is above parallel it’s still counted by some, but not by me :slight_smile:

Full Clean or squatclean = racked in a full front squat depth

As far as I know A “Power lift” refers to a lift in which the bar is received with minimal squat-under. An olympic lift is considered as a power lift as long as you do not bend your knees more than 90degrees to receive the bar.


Video’s of the lifts


So in in other words a normal clean has a squat (involved) and a power clean has a slight squat. correct

Yes, to be more precise:

Muscle = catch with no bending of the knees

Power = catch with a slight bending of the knees (less than 90 degrees

Squat = catch with an important bending of the knees

Split = catch with one leg forward and one leg backwards