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Power Clean vs Low Belly Button Clean Pull


Thanks the previous advice guys. I know the questions are a little merky.

I can clean 125kg to my belly button, I suspect with a fresh back I could
do about 10kg more.

Yet I would be lucky to power clean 90kg.
What could be potential reasons for such a big discrepancy between clean pull and
power clean?

Also how much could /should pulling from the floor rather than a hang clean (weight)
add to the weight.

I am quite interested in the athletic benefits of the clean pulls/ power cleans etc?


How many years experience do you have with 'full cleans' and 'power cleans'.

These lifts are very skill specific mate.

You will not stack on 10kg on to your Clean with a 'fresh back' mate.

If you can only PC 90kg you probably don't practice PC much, hence the lower numbers. You should be able to PC about 80-85% of your full Clean, maybe 87-90kg depending on how fast your under the bar. If your not hugely fast under the bar you will be able to PC a higher % be default.

90kg PC is relatively low for a 125kg clean. Hard to diagnose without a video. But my gueses are:

You have a poor pull but are f0cking fast under the bar, hence the poor PC of only 90kg
Poor PC technique
Immense Clean technique

My PS use to be about 85 to a full Snatch of 115, why? I didn't PS often...now I'm up to 105 relative to 120.

There are no hard and fast rules from the floor to the hang lifts. I have hang Cleaned 150kg when I hadn't even done it from the floor but I have now done 155 from the floor but haven't maxed from the hang. It should be pretty similar if your quick under the bar.

The Snatch to Clean is about 80% -/+ 5% either side

You have 'Cleaned' 125kg right? Or you have Clean pulled 125kg to your belly button? That makes a HUGE difference...



I have just clean pulled 125kg to my belly button. I wasn't far off with 130kg.
I did maximal deadlifts a few days before.

I have never been taught to lift. But I think I getting the hang of it a bit better,
as my clean pull as around 100kg previously. I have got a little stronger in the deadlift.
215kg (last time I pulled probably easy 220kg poss 230kg.)
I can deep(OL deep) zercher squat 180kg , but fall forward on light front squats.

Is there any technique difference with power cleans as opposed to clean pulls.

Can I get a lot of the benefits just doing clean pulls , I would prob shit myself diving under
what I can clean pull


The discrepancy probably exists because your 'clean pulls' look nothing like your actual 1st pull in your cleans or power cleans. Depending on your experience level, supramaximal clean pulls (ie >120+%) might actually be detrimental to your pulling technique.


I'm relatively new to this so I wouldn't take my advice unless someone else agrees but I think you are just expecting too much from yourself. You say you are clean pulling 125kg to a height you would be able to duck under with but judging by the fact that you are falling forwards on light front squats I'm guessing you've never full cleaned before. At least not to a respectable weight for you.

If this is the case I don't really think you can accurately say yourself how high you need the bar to reach for you to be able to get under. I think you are just clean pulling too much weight as dfreezy was saying. Without videos its very hard for people to comment on what you are doing wrong (if anything). If you videoed yourself and posted it I'm sure the more experienced and knowledgeable people here would be able to help you.

Without videos I think its hard to say whether you are just clean pulling more than you are capable of or underperforming on the power clean

Hope that helps



Clean pulling 125kg means jack shit. All it means it you can clean pull 125kg. It doesn't mean you 'should' be able to do anything. But with 'reasonable' form you should at least be able to Clean at least 90-100kg at the very minimum, if not 110kg isn't out of the question if you had 'good form'.

Just work the lifts more and you can hammer on the lifts.

The zercher squat means jack. Your front squat is more important and telling of how much you'll lift and what shape your in. Work on your mobility and you will then be able to use your strength and put up some big lifts :slightly_smiling:

You can deadlift 15kg more then me...but my 200kg DL is with a perfectly straight back, hips do come up a bit faster then my shoulders but my back is rock solid straight. Is yours straight or rounded? DL means nothing in relation to OLifts.



Heh.. this is so accurate. When I first started lifting, I could deadlift and shrug 150 with some speed and get the bar up above my navel. It took me 3 years to actually clean that weight.

In the end, the only thing that really correlates with your snatch is your snatch. Oh, and your max bicep curl (but only if you are staring at your muscle in front of a mirror. Then it extra correlates.)


People don't understanding OLifting is a 'skill' and it takes time.

If you haven't done the lift you haven't done the lift. If you spend a solid 2-3months working on form and stacking on the weight then you can have better in roads on to the bigger lifts.

The correlations only work if your technique is pretty consistent and you have good form on your front squat. Everything else is m00t.

I Cleaned miss loaded 150kg about 4yrs ago in my attempt to Clean 150kg, failed it 3x LOL. I Cleaned 155kg about 6 weeks ago :slightly_smiling:



Thanks for the advice guys. I just got back from the gym.
I managed to add 2.5 kg to my clean pull so 127.5kg just missed 130kg.
130kg is definitely limit weight for me. My back was fresh enough today.

Did a few reps of 60kg Power Snatch . Just missed 65kg as I slipped.
I managed to snatch pull 100kg to sternum height fairly easily. Hoping to get
this to 70-80 soon. The gym is a bit busy for trying lifts I could miss e.g. full versions.

I know it's a skill . I'll try get some video soon.

My deadlift at 200kg is is very solid straight back etc. I seem to do better with
OL style deadlifts.


I think the message they are trying to portray is stop focusing on your clean pulls and start doing more full cleans and front squats. Koing put it beautifully saying pulls mean jack shit if you can't get under the weight.

Get some videos up asap and keep up the enthusiasm. It'll come with time.


I agree with Koing and Laujik. Forget about raising your clean pull, try to c&j 100k with good form.
100kx5 ftsqt, 110x5 clean pull, make them solid and you'll get there and soon you'll shift even more.

The clean pull purpose is to "mimic" the clean, it is a weight you want to clean but cant just yet. The name of the game is snatch and c&j!


Drop doing the pulls mate. They will not add anything to your lifting this early in the game.

You will only get better at Snatching and C&J when you haev done at least 300reps of each lift! Ask the 2 lifters that I'm coaching here

ox man
deep squat

Do I get them to do ANY PULLS? No. They do 3reps x 3setse of bar work from each position and then get on with the lifting.

Get your front squat up. Whats your 5RM? This will help your OLIfts more then any amount of pulls. Pulls are only good if you do them properly also. If your pulling with your arms you have no hope in hell of ever lifting it. If you shrug hard at the top and let your arms bend naturally thats the proper way to do it and will add to your lifts.

Stick with it and get some videos.

Remember also the jump from 60 to 65 is 8.3% and not 'only' 5kg. So do 62.5kg if you can. It's quite a chunk to add on at the top end mate. 5kg when your at 90-100+ isn't too bad but still a chunk, let alone 60-65kg mate.