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Power Clean to Press?


Doing More with Less by Matt Carlson-

Hi Jim.

Guy who wrote the article mentioned doing "power clean to press 531" before his DL.
Do you know if he did these every rep from the floor or just cleaned the bar on his shoulders once and then do a set of presses?

Thanks advanced!


I don’t know - you’d have to ask Matt this question.


I was browsing his training log the other day and saw that he is currently cleaning the first rep of each set. I’d I’d imagine that’s what he was also doing when he wrote that. Having said that, if you’re interested in cleaning every rep or for some reason thing it will help something, just do it- it doesn’t matter what someone else is doing. If you’re great at cleans maybe keep your current TM, if you suck at them or suspect you might, move it down a bit and try it for a couple cycles.



I have a solid technique with power clean, but im not very strong at it yet. Im training 3 days/week, DL/Press on same day so I might switch pressing before DL and clean the first rep. This way my whole workout is basicly performed on a same platform with same barbell. I watched some videos where this was done every rep from the floor and press looked more like push press to me. Also my form would probably brake on PR sets if I would try it. :slight_smile:


At the time, Matt was power cleaning the first rep only.

I hang clean every press rep, with he exception of rest-pause work or anything over 15 reps as it bugs my upper back in a bad way, but it definitely helps my heavier press work and i find i can get tighter in the bottom when i do this. It also helps your starting power because you’re not using the tricep rebound out of the bottom when you do reps, so you have to start each rep from a dead stop.

Hope this helps.



I did 1st rep with PC last week and pressed before DL.
I prefer doing DL first so I might try your hang clean version next time.


Find one you can commit to and do it for at least 3 months.