Power Clean Technique

Hello CT,

is it acceptable or proper technique in a power clean to catch the bar with feet that moved sideways?

My deadlift stance and power clean initial pull stance are around shoulder width, a pretty normal stance. However, when I catch the barbell in the powerclean with heavier weights my feet automatically move side ways and I catch the weight in a more wide stance position.

I assume this is because of my relative bad ankle flexibility. I front squat also with a wider stance than I do deadlifts. I began doing this because I looked for a way to get quicker under the bar. With a wider stance, it’s easier to get under the bar when you can’t pull it higher.

I know in a power clean you jump with the weight upwards and not sideways. I would say I do that correct but instead of landing in the same feet position I started to move my feet outwards.

Did I began doing something bad here?

Best wishes to all :slight_smile:

Yes, within reason. In fact most lifters do it.

You should pull with your optimal pulling stance, which is normally around hip width, sometimes narrower, and receive in your front squat stance. But it shouldn’t be wider than that.

Thanks for the reply CT.

My power clean isn’t feeling super yet and I am unsure what information sources to trust on how to do them. Also applying the limited knowledge I have isn’t so easy, especially on yourself…

Can I take a video and you could give me some techniques tips? Just some small feedback would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: