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Power Clean/Snatch Technique Practicing



Im planning to devote some time to practice power cleans/power snatches during this spring/summer.
Could this be done on a 2day template:
PC (practicing, not heavy)
SQ 531 PR set
BP 531 PR set
Assistance (bodyweight stuff)
Wed or Thu.
PS (Same as PC)
DL 531 PR set
P 531 PR set

Or would it be smarter to add an extra day for those oly lifts:
SQ 531 PR set
BP 531 PR set
Wed or Thu.
DL 531 PR set
P 531 PR set
Fri or Sat.
PS practicing lift
PC practicing lift

I know these are movements and movements need to be programmed properly. First I need to build some confidence and find out proper TMs. When I do start to program these lifts, what scheme would be smart to use? 3’s pro, 5’s pro, 5x531(doing triples, doubles)…



Easy, technique work can be done every single day, several times/day. Unless you are a beginner, I’d save your training time for actual training.


Yeah, youre right. Time should be used wisely.
If one is lifting only twice/week, not every movement can fit in…


@Jim_Wendler , okay but what if I have good technique - 1. can I implement power cleans for explosiveness before the main lifts, combining 2 big lifts on a training?
And 2. - would it be ok if I train 3 times per week, on training A - Bench+Squat 531, training B - DL+Press 531, and change A B A 1 week, then B A B, and so on and so on?

  1. Yes, if everything is programmed properly.
  2. Yes, if everything is programmed properly.


@Jim_Wendler so a month woud look like this:
1W. A B A
2W. B A B
3W. A B A
4W. Deload

5W. B A B
6W. A B A etc, or restart the cycle with A B A, like in the 1st month, and just choose the 2 lifts which I want to emphasize on?

Really, thanks a lot coach, you are great!


Not really.

You would program it to be:

A1 - SQ 531 BP 5x5
A2 - SQ 5x5 BP 531
B1 - DL 531 P 5x5
B2 - DL 5x5 P 531

And go
1W A1 B1 A2
2W B2 A1 B1
3W A2 B2 A1
4W B1 A2 B2
5W Deload


@antewa yeah thanks, looks reasonable. but in the 5x5 what percentages should I use throughout the month?


You can use 70-75%, first set last %, second set last%… You could program 5 cycles for example:
C1-3: Main lift: 5’s pro, 2nd lift: Ssl 5x5
C4-5: Main lift: 5/3/1 PR sets, 2nd lift: Fsl 5x5


Hi Jim,

im a little interested in this topic. so if I wanna practice my snatch or split jerk techniques, can I another another 2 or 3 light sessions? I m currently on building the monolith.


Not during a challenge, no.


I apologize if this is my mistake. so Building the monolith is the challenge not the template? Can I run it at least 12 weeks? Thanks Jim.


No, we have a separate template to follow the Monolith. The only way that can be done consecutively is if you do the 7th Week Protocol (written here on the forums many times) and make sure your TM are perfect. But even then, we I wouldn’t ever recommend it.

Training should be programmed, even at the most rudimentary levels. You can go back to the Monolith but it’s best not done back to back.


Thanks Jim, I am doing the 7th week protocol, and I lower down my tm quiet bit, it is even lower than 85%. so I think I am doing the right template. thanks for your clarification.

so far, 3 weeks in, finished nicely, no struggle. And can finish with in 1 h 10 mins.