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Power Clean Question


My nephew is a pretty good HS wrestler, 16 years old, competes at 119-123lb classes, and was telling me about his off season training today.

he currently does PC from the hang for a few reps with 145lbs, he said that this is one of his worst lifts, and is pretty bummed he is not doing better at that.

to me, a more than body-weight hang clean for reps seems pretty good to me, especially for a 16 year old who's primary sport is NOT olympic lifting.



Definitely good mate for a non lifter. Strong kid mate, hang pc is hard mate!



that is what I thought. I told him that it seemed pretty good to me, and said I would ask around. I think the problem is his perspective, one of the kids he trains with, though not as good of a wrestler, is a physical freak and only one class heavier but puts up crazy numbers in the weight room.

he is doing pretty good for the mortal non OL 123lb athletes.


Is he uncomfortable with his numbers on the lift or form issues, fluidity etc? Numbers wise he's doin just fine, but if it looks like 90% of the high school power cleans (or muscle cleans) I've seen and he's not seein or feelin results from it then I certainly could understand the frustration.


20% over his bodyweight for reps is outstanding for a 16 year old in the hang-clean. What are his strength goals? He is obviously a strong kid. What other movements does he do?


I think I can probably only do about 20% over my bw for 3reps...I've only done 110 for 3reps hang pc.

Some kids are freaks. My mate went to school with a guy that was about 5'8 and he could dunk when he was 16. No build, no nothing, but crazy mofo hops! He's wasted and he's done f0ck all with his athletic ability. Last I heard from my mate he was a fat slob now that he's over 30. But back in his day he was the freaky 5'8 kid who could dunk!

Little bro is a freak, but he's trained for 5yrs now so it wasn't gifted to him. He had a knack for flexibility and he's learnt the lifts very well but he had no real natural freakish strength or anything. He just worked hard and got strong (2x bw back squat) training.



he thinks he should be lifting more. Like I said, I think his perspective is skewed because his training buddy is such a freak.

the few times I have seen him do cleans, he muscles them up.