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Power Clean + Push Press Form Check

Hello Community,
It’s been some years since I had any formal coaching so just looking for some critical feedback. Only focusing on my power clean + push press for now.
Thanks All

You’ve obviously lifted before / for a while. Timing is really good.

It’s easier to make corrections with heavier weight because the errors expose themselves to a greater degree.

What I see as the biggest opportunity is getting your knees back much earlier. Engage those hamstrings!! Then keep the bar in and see where we need to go from there!

Only real issue here is that at the start of the clean you are way too upwards and your shoulders are behind the bar. They should always be over the bar in a deadlift, and slightly in front of it in a clean. Get your shoulders ovef the bar and hips higher and you’re good

Thanks very much for the feedback. Will work on the these items for a while and repost revised lift at ~100kg.

Re: knees back: my shins bleed frequently now but I don’t recall it happening that much when I used to train more regularly. Is contact between the bar and shins also an indicator that the knees back / hamstring engagement you reference is lacking?

Thanks for taking the time to watch - feedback much appreciated.

No, you should not be dragging the bar across your shins. If they lightly graze once or twice per workout, that is probably ideal. Maybe a full on scrape once a month. Good lay engagement will keep the bar in tight.

To get your knees/shins out of the way, you’ll also drift your total body position back a little.

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Got it - thanks

Repost at 92kg after trying to incorporate feedback from @drewc64 and @aldebaran

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From my amateur perspective, looks really good to me. In fact, I wish my form was anywhere near as good as that. You seem to be under control, explosive, and in the right position at each phase. Now, I’m sure a trained coach could find some areas of improvement, but your form is certainly solid and has no real issues.


Looks really good to me appart from the starting position. You hips should be higher. But the rest is great, shoulders over the bar, you keep the bar really close, good path, you’re patient… it is strong and fast. You could use more weight no problem. For the jerk the issue is that you do not have a full grip. Work on that and you’re golden

Thanks much

“For the jerk the issue is that you do not have a full grip.”

Are you referencing that I have it in a front squat rack position rather than wrapping my fingers around the bar? I’ll probably post one more time in a couple weeks just to get the hip height correct.

Thanks again for the feedback

Yeah exactly. I mean trying to completely hold the bar might be hard, but here you have your wrists very high and the bar is barely at your fingertips, when you press it’s only with your fingers. It puts lots of stress on your wrists and you’re losing lots of strength as well. Try to punch the ceiling as you press, and for wrists flexibility / jerk holding position you can check videos by Torokhtiy, Zack Telander etc

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@JKil116 what @aldebaran said about your starting position is right. Your hips should be a little bit higher. It’s not a squat out of the hole, it’s a hinge (with a shitload of leg drive, haha!)

You’ll need to start with you hips higher, but also back. You’re going to want to carry that hamstring engagement until the “rebend”

I disagree with the comment regarding a whole handed grip around the bar. Your dip and drive are one with the bar as it’s on your body. The whole hand grip vs fingers can cause greater front felt engagement and some people like that. Not knocking it as a tactic, just saying it’s more personal preference.

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@drewc64 Thanks for the feedback. Working on the hip height over the next week or two and then will repost. Re: grip - the initial drive is feeling much better and more connected with a bit more of a wrap. I’m still experimenting with it but definitely don’t want to go back to the rack position with just fingertips now that I’ve started messing with it.

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@JKil116 you don’t have to go full grip if you don’t like it, but definitely not just fingertips

Also @drewc64: just watched your re-grip from your training log. Going to give that a try as well

I didn’t realize I did that!

I have a pretty good history of pressing, I leverage that and my jerk is probably not “text book”. BUT… I just got some jerk blocks and have recently been focusing on getting better.

What I do know is that catching heavy weight, requires fully engaged front delts and high tension in your thoracic region of your back. Which probably explains why I regrip.

@drewc64 Are you jerking with a hook grip or a thumbless grip? Couldn’t quite tell from your videos. I typically practice pressing thumbless but then just keep the hook grip for a push press or a jerk.

I am jerking with a thumbless grip. Just has to do with comfortable positions for me. In a do as I say, not as I do context… former OTC coach Zygmunt Smalcerz gave me some instruction that the bar should be directly over the forearm (the same is true in powerlifting). You’re wrist flexes, which causes it to absorb force. Ideally you want to transfer all force unto the bar, with no loss.