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Power Clean Problems


I just recently began ramping up the weight on my power cleans and I noticed that while I am strong enough to get the weight up I am having a hell of a time snapping it back for the catch. I noticed today that my left elbow was flaring out to the side and i figure that is not really helping me!

Any suggestions? I was thinking maybe I should start practicing the full clean. I dont have access to a coach so everything is pretty much self taught.

On a side note I somehow managed to smack myself in the forehead with the bar when i was doing snatches...need to work on form on that one too! lol

Again should I work on the full versions of these or stick to the "power" version since I have to teach the move to myself..




Practice the full lifts. All you gotta do is pull normally, catch it, then ride it down to a full squat. As the weight gets heavier, you will catch it lower but be warmed up to do so from riding down the previous sets.
Don't worry about hitting your head with the bar. All a part of learning! Actually, during my snatches, my head gets close to the bar too.