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Power Clean Priority

I’m in need of a sound power clean progression to go in conjunction with squatting two-three times a week. I’ve got somewhere around 6-8 weeks before I need to show I can move some heavy weights, so maybe a cycle that could take my clean max through the roof with hard work and technical mastery?

Koing? Anyone?

Any thought and discussion would be greatly appreciated

  • Chase

Current numbers?
Current full numbers? Current PC numbers? How often can you train a week?

If your technique is good I’d work on heavy singles and hammer up your FS. I’d alternate heavy max out and one a tad lighter about 5-8-10kg lighter. Depends how often you are training though.

What other training do you do?

All of this matters as to what you will do.

If your technique is not good you will get a lot of gain by spending 10-15mins at the start doing bar work and making sure you can do a PC well.


My current full clean max is 225, maybe 245 on a good day. I’m competing for high school and our two competition lifts are clean and jerk, and bench press . I can workout 5 days a week up untill after Xmas where our meets will fall either on mondays, wednesdays, or fridays. Right now , I’m currently using front squats for my heavy doubles, and back squats for higher reps. I’m entertaininga benching twice a week , using a west side approach . I’d like to dead lift once a week and go bulgarian/john broz style with the cleans . I need a structured format for it all. With a bench of 335+ I can potentially get to state this year if I can get that Dang clean up!!

I’ve decided to use front squats for strength work in place of back squats …because I’m already squatting a personal best of 500 . For now, when the bar goes on my back , I’d like to focus on simply high rep PRs. I’m in no rush to go any heavier right now at 18 years old. Its just not a priority.
My form and flexibility is actually pretty up to par . How ever its the initial /high pull of the bar that starts getting heavy after 225 to get underneath into a front squat position. I feel slow off the ground

Best of luck with your goals. I don’t really have enough firsthand experience to hand out advice on this subject matter.

How often should I be dead lifting? once a week, a few times a month or year? I front and back squat on a regular basis, i just feel like it has more carry over to the clean but if I need to be pulling heavy once a week, one of you guys send me in the right direction

You can BS 500lbs already?

What is your DL like? DL form varies wildly and as to how useful it is…

Guy DL 500lbs, but can only Clean 210-220 at the very best…his back was rounded and he is fast off the floro to hid thigh then slow
I DL 440lbs at my very best, only done it once. I Clean 350lbs+, I’m a lot slower then him off the floor but my 2nd pull is much stronger, coupled with the fact that I’ve been lifting for 12yrs…but my DL is no where near as strong as his.

The DL doesn’t matter as long as you can maintain position in your Cleans. Squat more and get use to lifting.


Post up a video and I can tell you what your doing wrong.

Pull faster off the floor, really focus on using your quads to drive the bar off the floor, hips down, chest up, pull the bar in with your lats (meaning DO NOT BEND YOUR ARMS, but pull the bar with straight arms), DRIVE UP with your hips, the bar HAS TO BE PULLED IN CLOSE TO YOUR THIGHS to make use of your legs and power.

I wouldn’t bother DL at all. I’d focus on learning to Clean/ Power Clean properly and getting your FS up.


Will post a video within the next week. I’m envious of your clean. How many times a week do you clean? Do you have “light” or “heavy” days? what’s your regimen look like?