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Power Clean Periodization

Hey everybody, thanks in advance for your replies. I’m not an olympic lifter but I do love power cleans and incorporate them into my lifting regimen (which uses periodization along the lines of 5/3/1). My question is what type of periodization would you recommend for a person like me who does not train olympic lifts exclusively but utilizes the power clean?

Currently I’m 5’7" 160 lbs. with a max power clean of 175 lbs. On the day I do power cleans, I usually do 3x3/3 of power cleans / push press and then a couple sets of pulls (doubles) with 105% afterwards. As far as current periodization, I am currently trying to do up to 80% the first week (triples), 90% the second week (doubles), and 100%+ the third week (singles) and then I deload the power clean with the power lifts I do the fourth week.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I think your strategy sounds pretty good. How has it been working? Do you only do it one day a week? How much do you bump the percentages after a 4 week cycle?

I’ve been training power cleans twice a week and deadlift once. I power clean first thing squat day, 4 sets of 3 across, Monday and Friday. I started lighter, and added +5lbs/workout until it got heavy. Then I dropped back down and did hang power cleans +5lbs/week until it got heavy, now I’m back on the floor again and working back up. Its been working well and I’m thinking about incorporating pulls into the mix, to swap w/ hang power cleans, and power cleans from the floor, but I do them in a commercial gym w/o bumpers so I have scrapped the idea.

I’ve been thinking about matching it to my squat, Monday volume day, 3x4 across, then Friday intensity day, and work up to a heavy double or single. It’s been working good, so I may not switch it up.

I like 5,3,1, for succinct workouts and PRs, but the Texas Method is pretty similar in terms of weekly PRs, but more volume in the lifts. I include the cleans because I like the lift.

Just some thoughts.