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Power Clean or Squat Clean (Not Complete)

My power clean routine is either 5x3 or 7x2…
Sometimes when doing heavy cleans… I do miss the clean sometimes due to not pulling high enough, not going under the bar fast enough… etc…

Does your body still get some type of workout when you miss power clean.

Thank you

well your muscles are still working but you’re reinforcing improper motor patterns, which isn’t so good.

Every rep you do with bad technique makes it easier to use bad technique in future. No bueno.

Are you doing any cleanscin your programming or just power cleans?

I like doing power clean so I usually do it 3x per week. Sometimes front the floor, sometimes from jerk block below knee…
It’s just went I start doing over 225lbs power clean… I miss it sometimes… anything below 200lbs I am usually spot on.
All my workouts i try not to rest no more than 120 seconds…
Workout 5 days per week
Day 1
Front squat 8x3 reps
Overhead squat 5x3
Hex bar deadlift 8x3
Bicep curls 3x max rep of 75lbs barbell

Day 2
Power clean 5x3 or 7x2
Flat bench press 8x3
Dips with 50lbs chain upper body 4x max rep
2x max 50lbs slamming medicine ball

Day 3
High bar squat 8x3
Barbell row 4x 6 to 8 reps
Rack pull 8inch block 8x3 reps
Bicep curls 3x max reps 75lbs barbell

Day 4 repeat day 2 program

Day 5 rest

It’s not unusual to miss cleans as the intensity increases - if you’re not doing the actual movement in your training then you shouldn’t be surprised if you miss more often.