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power clean or olympic clean

I am trying to determine the better exercise to do for speed development…power clean (catching the bar in a 1/4 squat position), or an olympic style (catching the bar in the rock bottom position). I am concerned that the olympic version may not allow for full extension on the pull phase.

For speed/power development, I’d go with the hang power snatch or hang power clean. These movements require a higher output than their full counterparts along with less technique. This isn’t to say that you can’t do full cleans too, but they should be secondary if your primary concern is power.

When I was training for track and field (shot put and discus) we would always start out the training year with power cleans from the floor and then eventually work up to doing exclusively power cleans from a hang position. To answer your question though the power clean variation is much better for development of power than the full clean. The difference is the longer pull in the power clean. Full cleans have their place, but I think that place is mainly with competetive olympic lifters.

I agree with Kim and MD, also power cleans are usually more fun since you can go a little crazier on them and you can always just ride the clean down to a full squat if you don’t pull a rep high enough to call it a power.

be carefull catching it low. I injured my shoulder that way. Just stay loose. I was tired and got lazy and kinda caught it stiff, It felt like it jammed my wrist. The next day was when I started noticing the shoulder injury. They’re one of my favorite excercises, just remember to stop when you get fatigued. LOL.