Power Clean or Muscle Snatch Optimal for Athlete Performance?

Coach, do you feel the power clean or the muscle snatch is optimal for athletic performance? Note, snatch grip high pulls and deadlifts are included in the program as well if that has any bearing on exercise combination/selection

The first thing for athletic performance is to be strong and efficient in the basic movement patterns…

Squat (all types)
Deadlift/hip hinge
Overhead press
Pulling (vertical and horizontal)
Unilateral leg exercise

Then moving your body (jumps, sprints, etc.)

Then you can think of more specific stuff like Olympic lifting variations. The Olympic lifts can’t make you a better athlete. They can contribute to making your more explosive if you have the other bases covered, but it’s not magical either.

There is no exercise that can turn you into a better athlete. Being a better athlete is about moving better and controlling your body. And that is best developed by practicing sports. Weight training should be general for the most part. Only those who built a high level of strength already should include a significant portion of specific exercises.

The power clean and snatch variations are good lift as variations of the hip hinge pattern. They are the most advanced variations of the hip hinge and should this eventually be included, but improving the other hip hinge exercises like the Romanian deadlift, deadlift, KB swing, are also important.